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Zakład Liofilizacji "Liogam"
M. Bień, M. Kot, A. Prześlak Sp. J.

26-052 Nowiny / POLAND
Zgórsko, ul. Słoneczna 50

tel/fax +48 (041) 346-54-60
tel. +48 (041) 346-54-87

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Welcome to the website of Liogam - a producer of high quality freeze-dried food. Our domain is an advanced technology which, in connection with carefully selected products, guarantees top quality and genuine satisfaction to the clients. Freeze-dried food, which is of a high taste quality, is a widely used component in food processing industry and all other areas where it is essential to maintain this taste and long lifetime. Should you be interested in our offer, do not hesitate to study it.